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The BactiBarrier Air Guardian 1000+. Air purification and disinfection solution.

A Targeted Approach

Meet Dioxychlor’s Air Guardian 1000+, the industrial-strength solution for air quality management. Engineered with cutting-edge nano-gas technology.

  • Data Driven – We use the latest technology in our disinfection chemistry
  • Results Orientated – Our disinfectant kills 99.999% of germs. Food safe. leaves no residue after use.

  • Research Led – Tried and tested in multiple environments.

Our air sanitiser is the ideal choice for large-scale applications in health-conscious industries such as fitness centers, healthcare facilities, and commercial spaces. Secure your environment with our robust air sanitization system

Robust technology

Utilizing our nano-gas technology, the Air Guardian 1000+ offers a formidable air and surface sanitization solution for industrial needs.

Extensive Coverage

Designed for scalability, it delivers effective sanitization across expansive areas, tailored for large venues and commercial buildings.

Commercial Safety

With the welfare of patrons and employees in mind, our product is rigorously tested to ensure it meets stringent industry safety standards.

Documented Efficacy

Our comprehensive research and case studies underscore the effectiveness of the Air Guardian 1000+ in reducing airborne pollutants in large-scale environments.


Proven to effectively neutralize up to 99.99% of airborne germs in commercial settings.

25 SQM

Providing continuous protection for areas up-to 25 square meters per device. 

2 Months

Delivers two months of unwavering air purification

100% SAFE

Meets rigorous health and safety standards, ensuring suitability for all commercial and industrial environments. Food safe. leaves no residue’s after use.

Latest Publications

“Navigating Air Quality Regulations: Compliance with Air Guardian 1000+”

“Advancing Workplace Health: The Role of High-Capacity Air Sanitizers”

“Case Study: Enhancing Gym Hygiene with BactiBarrier™ Technology”

“At Dioxychlor, we’re dedicated to delivering the safest and most effective disinfection chemistry. Combined with unmatched service and ongoing research, we’re raising the bar for health and safety standards ”
Gregory Isaacson, CHIEF SCIENTIST

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Partnering for a cleaner future

Our network of distributors and industry partners stands testament to our commitment to creating safer commercial spaces. BactiBarrier is the preferred choice for businesses dedicated to health and wellness

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